About Us

Project Artefakto illuminates the traditions of Mexico. It is Project Artefakto's mission to give a voice to the indigenous artists that give Mexico its true depth and richness.

Our ceramics, textiles and folk art are hand-crafted by artisans who’s techniques have been perfected over generations, using only natural and sustainable materials.

Project Artefakto currently works with the following diverse communities…

~Hidalgo / Otomi & Huasteca
~Chiapas / Tzeltal & Tzotzil Maya
~Yucatan / Yucatec Maya
~Oaxaca / Zapotec, Mixtec & Nahua

The planet is at a critical stage in time whereby ancient dialects and art forms are being overtaken by modern ways of commerce. We stand by our commitment to enliven these threatened art forms. Immense beauty lies within the process of realizing these works of art.

Thank you for your support.

Project Artefakto